News which were once branded Fake News by corporate media and their friends, who all like to be outside the picture and in the dark, telling the mass news consumer what to believe, are now coming to light. Thus tonight we got Breaking News for you all. Charles Ortel is again our guest, and again he’s bringing us up to date on the Obamas, the Bidens, the Clintons and the Pelosis. Stay tuned!

Let’s start with the headlines:

Screenshot: Just Facts Daily

As the picture implies, we’ll also be talking about the highly spun visit of Nancy Pelosi. Charles Ortel is less than impressed. Watch his in-depth analysis with Jason Goodman on YouTube here, but watch a shorter version on our show first.

Thinking of paying a visit to ”The Big Apple”, aka New York?

Well, Charles Ortel and Geir Furuseth will give you another reason why you ought to think twice before you pay a visit to the increasingly third-world-looking metropolis of the USA.

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