Svarta tavlan

Om du hamnar i trøbbel i Portland är du illa ute. Det finnes ingen polis du kan anropa. Ingen kommer til din hjälp. Du er helt överlämnat til mobbens godtycke. Och mobben tänker inte lämna dig før du er slagit sønder och samman.


Sgt. Kevin Allen, a police spokesman, said reports indicate that protesters ”were chasing the truck before it crashed, and they assaulted the driver after the crash.”

He said responding officers ”encountered a hostile crowd and a squad from the Rapid Response Team responded to help secure the scene while the investigation was underway.”

One of the videos posted to social media begins with the man on his knees in the city street surrounded by a group of people. The man tries to get up and someone yells, “You’re not leaving, bro,” and he gets pushed back to the ground.

At one point the man on the ground says he was not trying to hurt anyone, and, while kneeling, absorbs several punches because the group was unconvinced that he was telling the truth.

The crowd looks like it’s about to disperse, but that’s when another individual takes a running start and kicks the man in the head, which could be heard slamming into the pavement, according to the video.

Andy Ngo, a journalist who has been covering these protests, reported that the man crashed his car and the “mob pulled him out & beat him senseless in front of the passenger. He’s bleeding & unconscious. No police.”


Samma sak händer redan i Sverige, fast i et lågere läge. Men riktningen er den samma.