We are honored to talk to Charles Ortel in New York. Everything is in flux and the right hand doesn’t seem to know what the left is doing. European media does not report on the war party in Washington or the fact that it even is such party. Thus Scandinavians are unaware that one of Bidens confidantes in the Senate, Chris Coons, appeared on the Margaret Brennan Show sunday and advocated for American boots on the ground in Ukraine. He was not corrected from the White House, which says a lot.

Europeans could go to bed at night and wake up at war with Russia.

At the same time the inflation is wreaking havoc on the American economy. One victim could be the American dollar as International currency. Saudi-Arabia is threatening to trade oil in yuan instead of dollar. Biden has overplayed his hand. He should have taken the signal when Mohammad bin Salman refused to take his call a few weeks back. Saudi-Arabia wants to express their disappointment that Biden is eager to conclude a new deal with Iran.

It is almost as if the Biden-regime wanted to squander America’s assets on purpose. They leave a trail of destruction in their wake.



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