Seymour Hersh säger att amerikanerna återvände och hämtade den fjärde bomben som inte gick av under det andra röret på Nord Stream II. Hersh säger detta till videoreportern Marc Friedrich.

Hersh säger att han vet mycket mer om sabotaget än vad han har skrivit.

The United States was the first country to return to the scene of the crime, Hersh said, and removed the unexploded charge along the fourth pipeline, which failed to detonate.

Hersh scoffed at reports in the New York Times and German weekly Die Zeit that 6 unidentified “pro-Ukrainians“ in a yacht blew up the Nord Stream pipeline. “These pipelines are steel, Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II, with two pipelines each. They’re protected by a concrete shell. Obviously, you don’t want to have a pipeline sitting in water full of salt.”

Hersh sa att det är svårt att spåra trafik i efterhand. Operatörerna stängde av alla spårningssystem, så kallade transpondrar.

Referring to so-called OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) researchers attempting to “debunk” his story, Hersh pointed out the US intel agencies would not leave any signals OSINT amateurs could track from their computers. “You use Open Source as a cover.  You don’t have the plane ID’d, and whatever ship was there, they’re not seeing because it’s not running its AIS. It’s running blind. That’s why they couldn’t find it.”

Hersh said it’s “one of the things media like to do, is knock down a story.” But “if you get past that, who else could have done it? You  know how hard it is to go below (with) only two divers. One diver for each pipeline. They were so good, and so skilled.”

Hersh skryter om norrmännen och minsveparen Alta som fått en dekompressionskammare influgen.

“Of course you use the Norwegians”, Hersh said. “The Alta class boat was there. There’s two different (Alta-class minesweepers). One of them has a big bay, big enough that you can put a decompression unit in it. The divers have to make stops. It’s 260 feet… and they’re breathing oxygen, nitrogen and helium. Every 80 or 90 feet they have to stop, so it takes time” Hersh said.

So “you have a decompression chamber hidden in the Alta-class boat that’s not seen by anyone”, Hersh said. “The CIA flew a special flight with the decompression chamber.”

Seymour Hersh: USA Returned to Nord Stream Explosion Site to Remove Unexploded Bomb